Sunburn Auto Appraisals aims to exceed industry standards in all aspects of our business. As a hobbyist vehicle restorer myself, I fully understand the amount of work and love that goes into some vehicles. Through my work owning and managing Sunburn Auto Appraisals, I’ve always aimed to have my work be worthy of representing such vehicles – having completed assessments of over 12,000 vehicles over a period exceeding 25 years.

You can rest assured that my assessments, as an independent appraiser, are fair to both you and your vehicle and represent the most accurate market value possible to attain. Being independent also means that insurance companies’ desires have no influence on my work, and all values asserted by me have proof and examples reinforcing them. In my work I have been sworn in as an expert witness in both the Alberta Provincial Court and the federal Court of Queen’s Bench and have negotiated fair settlements on written off vehicles for hundreds of clients.