Ed Grieve



Appraiser with over 30 years of automobile appraisal experience in Edmonton, the surrounding area and throughout Alberta.





Here at Sunburn Auto Appraisals, we strive to find the most accurate value for your vehicle possible. We specialize in “Total Loss” appraisals, but also provide standard and specialty vehicle appraisals for the purpose of insurance. Serving Edmonton, AB and surrounding area for over 25 years, Sunburn Auto Appraisals has striven to provide the most accurate market value possible for client’s vehicles for over twenty five years. Our appraisal reports exceed the industry standards in all areas and are accepted by banks, insurance companies, courtrooms, charities, the CRA and more. Our accurate automobile appraisal reports are designed to assist both you and your insurance company with determining the proper coverage value for your vehicle. We provide appraisals for insurance, financial, legal and many other purposes.

Our appraisers are mobile and come to you, whether it be at your residence or work, and fully document and photograph your vehicle before compiling our report based on this assessment as well as market research and a historical record of vehicle sales. Our computer-generated reports are sent to our clients (optionally their insurance companies as well) within hours of completion, days before traditional agents can even produce a report. The entire report is enclosed in a transparent cover and bound as a booklet.

Diminished value is an aspect of the insurance process that hasn’t been explored in depth here in Alberta. To paraphrase in summary, when a vehicle is in an accident, the stigma associated with that damage, whether heavy or light, reduces the resale value of that vehicle even if the repair is done perfectly. In addition to this, if the repair is done imperfectly, additional value can be lost as a consequence. Both of these situations are grouped into diminished value and you are legally entitled to reimbursement for these in Alberta under the Taylor vs Hrytsak precedent. If your vehicle has been in an accident and has been repaired, or if you simply want some more information, please look into our sister company, “Diminished Value of Canada”.